NAKAI Resorts Maayafushi Island Maldives Restaurant


Discover all the flavors of Maayafushi. With the two formula All Inclusive you can taste the full range of our Chef menu. In our two restaurants you can experience Italian and Maldivian cuisine.

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Romantic Dinner

Sit at the table at sunset, watch the light go down behind the horizon and wait for the starry sky to fix those moments forever. Our kitchen will do the rest, accompanying you along what will be one of the most romantic dinners of your life.

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NAKAI Resorts Maayafushi Island Maldives Romantic Dinner


The main bar is located between the reception and the restaurant. Here you can a moment to enjoy a fresh drink included in the all-inclusive offer.

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Ocean Bar

The Maayafushi Ocean Bar stands right into the sea. It is a perfect spot where to drink something fresh during hot maldivian mornings. From our Ocean Bar, when the day will over, you will be spectator of the sun light show.

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Sand Bar

The coffee bar is situated next the restaurant. Enjoy a fresh drink, an American coffee or a hot tea with a sweet or savory snack offered in the all -inclusive looking at the ocean in total relax.

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Live your experience

Let yourself be transported from the tranquility of our Maadigha spa. A cozy and quiet place where you can abandon yourself thanks to the best massage techniques in the world and rebalance your senses. To each movement we entrusts the task of regenerating mind and body, to each sound, the ability to awaken the mind and regain its natural inner harmony.

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