Ari Atholl and it’s magic

The Ari’s atoll, with its 80 islands expanding in a zone of 96 km of length and 33 km of width, it’s the second
biggest maldivian atoll for touristic expansion. The atoll, divided administratively in two parts, the north
(alifu alifu) and the south (alifu dhaalu), is 65 km away from the capital Male and it can be reached with a
seaplane flight or a short ferry boat trip. Well famous in the world for its white sand and immaculate
beaches, the Ari’s atoll has become a paradise on earth for scuba diving fans. Whale shark and
hammerhead shark sightings are very recurring, well as of all the fauna living in the coral reef running all
around the coast.

Maayafushi, it’s charm

Located in the northen part of the Ari’s atoll, Maayafushi has all the peculiarities that make unique this tiny
maldivian place, going from the wild vegetation to the seabed populated by many species of fishes. A
crystal clear sea water and immaculate shores are part of the Maayafushi Resort, whom with its 79
accomodations provides the guests all the comforts. The island, with its famous scuba diving sites (Fish
Head and the Haaleveli Wreck) is one of the scuba divers most favorite place, from the pros to the
newcomers to dive in these beautiful sea depth.


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